Story-Based Marketing and Strategy

The success of your business starts with understanding story.


How do you feel about your marketing?

  • Are you WORRIED that it sounds like everything else out there?
  • Are you OVERWHELMED trying to come up with fresh ideas?
  • Are you FRUSTRATED by how complicated it seems?
  • Are you ANXIOUS that it feels like your strategy is just "best guesses?"

Guessing is not a strategy.

You need a strategy.


Story-based marketing makes all the difference!


Increased Engagement

The human brain is wired for story. When you understand how to use the rules of good stories in your marketing, it will engage with your customers in powerful ways. 


A scripted strategy

A clear Brand Message gives you a repeatable framework to write clear, consistent copy over and over again. 


Corporate clarity

Your Brand Message isn't only for external marketing - it will give your staff and employees a crystal clear vision of where you are going as a company.

Let's write and use your brand's unique story.

Brand Messaging & Identity

Before you invest $15,000 on a new website make sure your messaging is rock solid. You need a good understanding of your brand identity before launching a website or new product.

When you know your brand identity and your ideal customer, marketing is the "conversation" they have.

starting at $1800

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Marketing Infrastructure

Once you have a firm understanding of your brand identity and messaging, we can strategize on how to translate it into a full strategy.

  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Funnels
  • Lead Generators
  • Paid Advertising

STARTING $1500/month

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Fractional CMO Services

If your company has grown to the point that you need on-going marketing direction, but isn't at the place to hire a full time CMO, a fractional CMO is the perfect solution. 

A fractional CMO provides strategy, project and talent management for your marketing needs.

Schedule a call to hear how I help businesses create sustainable marketing systems. 

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How We Work Together


Schedule a 30-minute Exploratory Call.

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We discuss a strategy that makes the most sense for your business.

Strategic Signposts

I show you how to use story based marketing to transform your business.

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Why I'm passionate about story telling in marketing.

Websites are expensive, social media takes a lot of time to get right, and marketing in general can feel like mix of magic, fate, and sweat. But there is a way to take some of that mystery and wasted effort out of marketing.  

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, I will help you connect with your ideal customer by using the power of stories in your messaging and marketing.

I know what it's like to have a great solution get lost in the noise of marketing. The great new is that I have seen StoryBrand work and can't wait to engage your business, brand, or non-profit to help you implement these principles into your business.

Kind words from great clients

For the past four years I have neglected updating our website and media marketing strategy because the task felt so daunting. I have often felt overwhelmed at the scope of what it entailed- hours on my part "supervising" the project. Thom sat down and listened to my desire of how I wanted our company to be represented and implemented it all.

Carla Loeppky | Hardscapes LTD

Hardscapes LTD Manitoba

Thom is without a doubt a marketing genius. He has the ability to explain ideas and concepts in easy to understand language. Our corporation is very happy to utilize Thom's services.

Ray Petkau | CEO - Alpha Hockey Inc. NHLPA Certified Player Agent


Working with Thom took the complexity of marketing and broke it down so it is simple and easy to understand. He took the time getting an understanding of who I was trying to reach and what that client looks like and paying attention to the details about what I wanted to get across was essential, and he nailed it.

I would highly recommend him, he is open to changes, was knowledgeable and listened to my concerns.

Jeremy Wiens | Realtor Wiens World



Content Marketing for Coaches and Consultants

Tuesday, June 21 at 12 noon CST

Coaches and consultants know that content marketing is a critical strategy for their business but struggle to make it happen. 

This is especially true for the coach or consultant who has a small team (if that) leaving them stuck between generating leads and serving their current clients. 

On Tuesday, June 21 I'm teaching a 1-hour webinar where I will cover the following topics

  • An introduction to content marketing
  • Why coaches and consultants are uniquely positioned to use content marketing
  • Finally I will share a template to help you get it done! 

Imagine if you could consistently get meaningful and valuable content into the hands of your clients! You would grow as a voice of authority and increase the likelihood that they would hire you! 

Register now and we'll see you on the 21st!